Brought to you in partnership with Grace Sears and Ali Freitag.

As a result of Scaled Agile practices and top-down initiatives, Product teams often get lost in planning for the ‘What?’ and lose sight of the ‘Why?’ behind decisions being made.

Grace decided to tackle this challenge head on. She created the ‘Ladder’ Product Strategy Framework to encourage teams to become more outcome-driven by connecting stories and features to the larger objectives and results they are driving. Ali and I then scaled this idea to our teams. …

There are two types of people in this world; people who cut their pizza into squares known as Tavern Style or Party Style and people who fold the slice.

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Upon initial observation both styles appear similar. They have the same ingredients; crust, sauce, cheese, toppings, both smell great, and have the same outcomes; bringing joy to their consumer.

BUT asking someone their preference is polarizing. It triggers emotions and often sparks contentious debate.

In June 2020, 17 adults were surveyed on their pizza preference. Six preferred Tavern Style, 7 preferred The Fold style, and 4 pleaded the 5th. …

Written by Janet Kim, Danny Chung & Esther Sportello — October 2018

Over the past year and half I’ve had the pleasure and honor of leading (without authority) a kick-ass development team. We started with an idea, created a low fidelity prototype, and ultimately launch an MVP into pilot, building it ground up. The foundation of the team was built on trust and respect which lead to high performance and having some fun along the way. We wanted to share some of our best practices in hopes that they could be helpful to your team.

One of our designers, Janet…

Written by Alina Balean & Esther Sportello — September 2018

For the past two years Alina and I have been joined at the hip as a Product/Design duo on the Commercial Innovation team at Capital One. As a result we’ve eaten a lot of ice cream, gotten lost in a few cities (Melville, Austin, and Richmond to name a few) but most importantly, became friends.

As a product/design duo we have lots of techniques in our tool belt with Business Origami being one of our favorites. Business Origami was created by Hitachi Design Business Origami aims to create a tangible…

Each year the University of Delaware’s Lerner College of Business & Economics Alumni Association honors alumni who have exemplified professional accomplishments, commitment to excellence and dedication to the community with the “Alumni Award of Excellence”. This year an additional category was added to honor a young alumni, 5 -10 years out of school, based on the same characteristics. I’ve been honored to be the first recipient of the Young Alumni Rising Star Award. Below is my acceptance speech.

2018 marks my 6 year anniversary from when I graduated from Lerner and I can safely say that I never thought I’d…

Tonight I was honored to give the keynote speech at Putnam Valley High School’s National Honor Society induction ceremony. Amazing to see over 40 new inductees! Here are the words I left them with.

Students, congratulations! I am honored to be here tonight to celebrate your success and welcome you into the NHS. Like many of you, I also grew up in PV starting my education on Oscawana Lake Road at the elementary school. I played on the big toy, I threw balls at the side of the middle school for Wall Ball games, I decorated the halls of the…

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